Mortgage model calculator


Useful information about the mortgage model cost comparison calculator:

  • The mortgage model cost comparison calculator on helps you easily calculate which Swiss mortgage model is the cheapest option for you based on how you expect interest rates to develop. Available options include fixed rate mortgages (terms between 1 year and 20 years), LIBOR mortgages (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) and combinations of both models (split/mixed mortgages).
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  • If the interest rates of the given fixed or LIBOR-based mortgages do not cover the full comparison time frame, the calculator uses the given interest rates and historical data to complete the calculation (taking minimum interest rates and other factors into account).
  • Three-month Swiss franc LIBOR rates can be entered on a per-year basis. Linear interpolation is used when multiple LIBOR rates apply within one year.
  • The interest rate of a LIBOR mortgage increases and decreases along with the corresponding LIBOR, unless the LIBOR is negative or a predetermined minimum interest rate is reached. The calculator assumes that fluctuations in negative LIBOR rates have no impact on the interest rates of LIBOR-based mortgages. 
  • In the event that the term of a fixed rate mortgage does not match the total comparison time frame, the calculator uses the selected mortgage type to complete the calculation. Example: If you select a 10-year comparison time frame and a fixed rate mortgage with a 7-year term, the calculator uses a second 7-year fixed rate mortgage to complete the calculation. In this example, only the interest costs for the 3 years needed to complete the comparison time frame would be included in the final cost estimate.

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