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If your business hires employees, you are generally required to subscribe to a Swiss occupational pension fund. Pension funds vary in terms of the models they use. Choosing the right pension fund for your employees is key. You can get a clear overview of major Swiss pension funds and the models used here.

Note: If you would like a detailed list of the most important Swiss pension funds, you can request your own free copy here (as a PDF).


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Pension Calculator

Lifelong pension vs. benefits withdrawal calculator

Pension Tips

How to choose between a pension and a lum-sum withdrawal

Pension Funds

Things to consider when choosing a Swiss pension fund for your employees

What are the payments provided by the pension fund? Compare the current and past interest rates.

Compare the cover ratio as well as the pensions fund’s customer structure.

Compare the administrative costs of the pension funds.

Compare further services such as the flexibility of fund withdrawals, insurances and others.

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