Pension Funds in Switzerland

Pension funds manage a substantial amount of the Swiss wealth. With regard to the huge financial importance of the Swiss pension funds it is crucial to select the right pension fund for your company and employees.

What you have to consider when comparing pension funds:

  1. Retirement benefits

What are the payments provided by the pension fund? Compare the current and past interest rates.

  1. How safe is the pension fund?

Compare the cover ratio as well as the pensions fund’s customer structure.

  1. How expensive is the pension fund?

Compare the administrative costs of the pension funds.

  1. What additional services are provided by the pension fund?

Compare further services such as the flexibility of fund withdrawals, insurances and others.

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Note: If you would like a detailed list of the most important Swiss pension funds, you can request your own free copy here (as a PDF).

How does the pension fund comparison work?


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