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Useful information about the pet insurance calculator:

  • The pet insurance calculator makes it easy to find the ideal pet insurance option for your cat, dog or horse.
  • The calculator shows the total costs based on premiums, coinsurance, deductibles, one-time fees and veterinary expenses in excess of the sum insured. You can calculate the benefits of a single insurance model or compare two different models. For example, you can compare two pet insurance options with different premiums, deductibles or sums insured.
  • You can enter your estimated veterinary expenses and/or other insured expenses per individual year for insurance terms of up to 15 years.
  • Premiums can vary between insurance providers, policies and insurance models. Other factors like deductibles and sums insured can also vary. The comprehensive pet insurance comparison lists the exact conditions applicable to specific dog, cat and horse veterinary insurance models.
  • Coinsurance: A coinsurance payment is a percentage of covered expenses which you must pay out of your own pocket. This rate is applied to the portion of expenses covered by the insurance in addition to the deductible.
  • Calculations of deductibles, coinsurance and sums insured are based on annual requirements and limits.
  • Results are calculated exactly on a per-year basis and then rounded to the second decimal.
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