In stock market terms, a quotation or quote is a published report of the highest bid and lowest offer for a specific asset (a stock, for example). The offer included in a quotation shows prospective investors how much they would have to pay to buy an asset, while the bid shows prospective sellers how much investors are willing to pay for their assets.

Quotes published for the benefit of buyers may include the best offer only, as this is the lowest price which buyers must pay for an asset at any given time. In the case of stocks, these are often referred to as stock quotes. The stock quotes published in the mass media typically include the best offer only.

Brokers typically quote customers looking to buy assets the best available offer, and customers looking to sell assets the best available bid. In the case of online trading platforms, the best available offer for a tradable security is normally shown and updated automatically as the price at which the user can buy the security. The best available bid is shown alongside assets held, and shows the price which the user can sell their securities at.

In jurisdictions which have quote rules, all market makers are required to publish quotations of their best bids and offers.

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