Stock Calculator


What you should know about the stock calculator on

  • Leading Swiss share calculator. The stock calculator makes it easy to calculate the profits and yields earned on stocks / shares.
  • Brokerage fees: All Swiss banks and online brokers charge brokerage fees for the buying and selling of shares.
  • Custodial fees: Most Swiss banks and online brokers charge custodial fees for the safekeeping and management of shares in addition of brokerage fees. You can find more information about custodial fees here.
  • Custodial fees and brokerage fees vary between brokers and your individual trading profile. You can compare the costs of buying and selling shares using the broker comparison tool.
  • Dividends: Dividends are paid out annually starting from the initial dividend distribution date. You continue to receive dividends for as long as you own the relevant share.
  • Federal stamp duties: Stamp taxes are levied by the federal government and are identical across all banks and online brokers.
  • Income taxes are not accounted for in calculations. You can find more information about taxes as they relate to stock trading in Switzerland here.
  • Find useful advice on how to go about buying shares in this guide.

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