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Mandatory Health Insurance to Cost 6.6 Percent More

This Is How Much Swiss Could Save on Health Insurance in Spite of Premium Hikes

September 27, 2022 - Raphael Knecht

The cost of mandatory health insurance in Switzerland is shooting up once again. Here, explains how much money residents could potentially save in spite of higher premiums.

2022 was only a temporary reprieve in health insurance premium climbs. The average monthly premium will go up drastically in 2023, as announced by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on Tuesday. In the coming year, residents will pay an average of 334.70 francs per month for mandatory health insurance – a 6.6-percent increase over 2022.

According to the FOPH, the reason behind the massive price hike is the coronavirus pandemic, which led to high costs and recovery effects. “But premiums would likely have gone up even if COVID-19 had never existed,” comments CEO Benjamin Manz. The FOPH confirmed that healthcare costs are expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

All age groups are strongly affected

The premium shock will hit adults the hardest. The average premium for this age group is climbing by 6.6 percent to 397.20 francs per month. But premiums for young adults (6.3-percent increase) and children (5.5-percent increase) will also become much higher.

The price hike affects all cantons. It is strongest in the cantons Appenzell Innerrhoden, Neuchâtel, and Ticino, where residents will pay more than 9 percent more, on average. Basel Stadt is the least strongly affected, with a premium hike of 4 percent. “But health insurance premiums in Basel have been higher than average for many years now,” notes Manz. “So in spite of the smaller premium increase, residents of Basel will still pay more than many other Swiss.”

Savings potential is big despite the premium shock

That the average premium for mandatory health insurance is going up across all age groups and cantons is a fact. But that does not mean that residents do not have the opportunity to save on health insurance. The premium shock could be softened somewhat if all residents were to migrate to the cheapest available insurance provider and health insurance model. calculated the savings potential in the difference between the highest and lowest insurance premiums for two different household profiles. A family with two adults and two children (born in 2003 and 2007) in the city of Basel could save 830 francs per month by using the cheapest available mandatory health insurance provider and model instead of the most expensive. That is nearly 10,000 francs per year. That is true regardless of whether the highest or lowest deductible models are used.

A household with the same profile, but in Bern or Zurich, could also save a lot of money. Depending on the deductible used and their exact place of residence, the household could save between 537 and 578 francs per month.

A couple without any children could also save a lot: around 570 francs in Basel, 347 francs in Bern, and 380 francs in Zurich. “Even a small household with just two people could save hundreds of francs per month in the best case,” observes Manz.

Maximum potential savings per household and month

  Location Deductible Min. premium Max. premium Savings potential
Household 1
Years of birth:
Basel CHF 2500.00 CHF 1006.80 CHF 1831.50 CHF 824.70
Basel CHF 300.00 CHF 1408.70 CHF 2238.60 CHF 829.90
Bern CHF 2500.00 CHF 903.60 CHF 1466.40 CHF 562.80
Bern CHF 300.00 CHF 1305.70 CHF 1843.30 CHF 537.60
Zürich CHF 2500.00 CHF 837.60 CHF 1404.50 CHF 566.90
Zurich CHF 300.00 CHF 1229.20 CHF 1807.60 CHF 578.40
Household 2
Years of birth:
Basel CHF 2500.00 CHF 684.20 CHF 1252.00 CHF 567.80
Basel CHF 300.00 CHF 922.80 CHF 1495.80 CHF 573.00
Bern CHF 2500.00 CHF 611.20 CHF 959.00 CHF 347.80
Bern CHF 300.00 CHF 849.80 CHF 1197.60 CHF 347.80
Zurich CHF 2500.00 CHF 564.00 CHF 944.80 CHF 380.80
Zurich CHF 300.00 CHF 802.60 CHF 1184.60 CHF 382.00


“If you want to save, you have to compare premiums,” concludes Manz. You do not have to wait until your existing health insurance provider informs you about its new premiums. All premiums for 2023 are already available online. “So you can already find out which health insurance provider is cheaper right now – and change right away if it makes sense.” Your existing health insurance provider has to receive your notice of termination by the last workday of November.

Manz also recommends that adult residents use either the highest deductible (2500 francs) or the lowest (300 francs). “Deductibles which lay in between do not make sense from a financial standpoint.”

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