Valuables Insurance

Valuables insurance is specialized insurance which can be used to cover jewelry, collectibles, fine art, antiques and other items against theft, damage, fire and many other hazards.

Commonly offered as an optional rider with Swiss household insurance (homeowners/renters insurance) policies, valuables insurance extends the coverage provided by standard household insurance to accommodate high-value personal property which is not adequately covered by basic household insurance.

Depending on the items being insured, insurance providers may require proof of ownership and proof of the condition of the items being insured. Items with a very high value may need to be surveyed by an actuary or a third-party assessor in order to determine their worth and condition, and the risk posed to the insurer.

Standard valuables insurance policies in Switzerland typically include limits on the amount of coverage provided. Cash and cash equivalents (such as precious metals) are typically excluded from standard coverage.

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