weather insurance gone with the wind

Weather Insurance: Gone With The Wind

You can insure yourself against (nearly) everything these days, including curious perils such as those covered by hole-in-one insurance for talented golfers.

Insuring travel against inappropriate weather, by comparison, seems like a very practical idea. After all, who hasn’t experienced the tragedy of seeing their long-planned getaway plans foiled by awful weather?

A week of downpours can turn your holiday or hiking vacation into a trip which you would really rather not have booked.

Travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance began offering rain travel insurance in 2012. Premiums varied based on the location, timing and the probability of rain. Travelers would cough up around 50 francs per week, on average, to enjoy this coverage.

Starting from the second rainy day, travelers would receive a benefit of 100 francs per day of rain, up to a maximum of 1000 francs per covered trip.

Sadly, Allianz Global Assistance is discontinuing its travel rain insurance offers on October 1, 2014. Apparently, the product was not successful. The somewhat high premiums charged, in relation to premiums for other travel insurance coverage, may be a possible reason behind the lack of enthusiasm with which this seemingly useful insurance was met.

Another possible reason for the failure is that although unpleasant weather may be a nuisance, it does not pose an actual risk in the way that natural catastrophes, illnesses and accidents do.

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