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Useful information about the age calculator on

  • Finding your age down to the second is easy with the interactive age calculator on You can also calculate what age you were at a certain point in time, or what age you will be at a specific future date.
  • The results show your age in years, months, weeks and days combined, and also calculates each of these separately.
  • If you enter the exact time of your birth in addition to your date of birth, you can also calculate your age in hours, minutes and second.
  • The calculator also shows which weekday and day of the year you were born on, what your star sign is, whether you were born on a leap year, and the number of days left until your next birthday.
  • If your data of birth is February 29 (leap year), the age calculator shows the number of days until your next actual birthday (every four years).
  • Date and time calculations are based on Central European Time (CET).
  • If you choose not to enter the exact time of your birth, the age calculator calculates your current age excluding the day you were born and the current day. Hours, minutes and seconds are not calculated in this case.
  • Your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes are rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • The following bases apply to age calculations in years and months: One month is 1/12 of one year; one day is 1/31 of one month and 1/365 of one year.
  • You can find more calculators here.
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