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Ralf Beyeler

Ralf Beyeler is the telecom expert at online comparison service He is also an expert in various areas of personal finance.

Ralf Beyeler has followed the Swiss telecom market since its liberalization in 1998, and is one of the foremost experts on the Swiss telecom market. His critical and unbiased analyses are appreciated by both consumers and the press.

Thanks to his expertise, Ralf Beyeler is often cited in the Swiss press with regards to telecom and personal finance topics. He is the best-known telecom expert in Switzerland.

At, Ralf Beyeler is responsible for all telecom-related content. In addition to the telecom comparisons and calculators, he also writes guides, news articles and glossary definitions. He also answers telecom-related questions from users.

His telecom articles cover mobile services (particularly mobile plans for individuals), Internet access, TV plans, streaming, and landline phone services. In addition to covering telecom topics, Ralf Beyeler also writes articles on various other themes related to personal finance, such as neobanks, app-based retirement planning services, and payment services like cards and mobile payments.

Beyeler actively tweets under @ralfbeyeler.

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