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  • The leading Swiss annuity calculator makes it easy to carry out a number of different calculations related to annuities. Calculation options include: Annuity terms (how long your capital could last), annuity payment size (how large your regular annuity will be), residual capital value (how much capital will remain at the end of the annuity term), and initial capital amounts.
  • In finance, the term annuity denotes an income stream – a series of payments paid out at set intervals.
  • Example: You receive your occupational pension fund benefits paid out as a lump-sum when you retire and transfer the money to a savings account or investment account and pay yourself a regular “pension” from that capital.
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  • Calculations are based on the 30/360 day count convention in which each month has 30 days and each year has 360 days. In Switzerland, this day count convention is typically used for investments like bonds and assets in savings accounts.
  • Annuity term calculations: The calculator accounts for capital remaining at the beginning and at the end of each month, annuity payments, accrued interest and fees. The results show the term after which capital will fall to or below the specified residual capital value. When the residual capital value is higher than the initial capital and the interest rate entered is high enough, the calculator shows the minimum annuity term necessary to reach or exceed the residual capital value.
  • In some cases it is possible that the capital will be negative for certain lengths of time. The calculator applies the interest rate entered to the negative capital during these periods (credit interest is earned when a positive interest rate applies).
  • Figures are calculated exactly and then rounded to the second decimal. Rounding differences may occur.

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