Life Insurance

Axa Term Life Insurance

  • Death coverage

  • Pillar 3a or 3b

General information:

Available as pillar 3a or as pillar 3b account. Pure term insurance with constant or decreasing insurance sum in case of death (optionally with waiver of premium in the event of disability). 

Type of insurance:
Constant, Decreasing

Minimum entry age: 18 years. Maximum entry age 3a: 69 years. Maximum entry age 3b: 75 years (women and men). Maximum payment age 3a: 70 years. Maximum payment age 3b: 85 years (women and men).


Worldwide coverage.


In the event of suicide within the first 3 years, only the actuarial reserve is paid out. The standard regulations of the Swiss life insurance companies apply during military service and war.

Premiums and discounts:

The amount of premiums is guaranteed for the entire contract period.

Profit participation:

Possible dividends can be applied to premiums.

Death benefit amount:

Minimum sum insured: 10,000 Swiss francs. Maximum sum insured: 5 million Swiss francs, higher sums on request. Constant and decreasing sums insured possible.


1 year to 50 years.

Waiver of premium:

There is a chargeable option for a premium waiver after disability or incapacity. 


Within the legal provisions, you are free to choose the beneficiaries.

Special services:
Waiver of premium, Gross negligence cover, Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b
Additional services:

Axa waives a reduction in benefits in the event of gross negligence.