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Bank CIC cleverinvest

  • Digital asset management

  • An offer from the bank CIC

  • From CHF 1000

General information:

From CHF 1000 you can invest with Cleverinvest in topics and trends such as smart cities, mobility of the future, digital economy, disruptive technologies, sustainability and social responsibility, real estate. 4 investment strategies are available to choose from. The bank takes care of the ongoing monitoring and implementation of the chosen strategy, which can also be adjusted at any time.

Cleverinvest can also be used as a savings plan for regular investments and offers the possibility to set up a payout plan for periodic payouts. The periodicity for regular deposits and withdrawals is freely selectable (for example weekly or monthly). Follow-up investments are possible from CHF 50.

Minimum investment amount:
CHF 1000
Type of service:
Investment management
General costs:

Flat fee in the amount of 0.50% of the total assets of the portfolio (incl. liquidity). 
Low-cost ETF or index funds are used as investment products. Included in the service fee are:
- all deposits and withdrawals through the withdrawal plan
- Capital withdrawals once a month
- Transaction fees including brokerage fees and 
- custody account management 

Product fees:

Product fees (TER) are not included.

Transaction fees:

Transaction costs are included in the flat fee.


Only retrocession-free products are used.


VAT and stamp duty are not included.

Minimal risk:

Not possible.

Low risk:

Equity share 20 percent, flat fees apply.

Limited risk:

Equity share 20-45 percent, flat fees apply.

Balaned risk:

Equity share 45 percent, flat fees apply.

Substantial risk:

Equity share 70 percent, flat fees apply.

High risk:

Equity share 95 percent, flat fees apply.

Individual requests:

The share proportion can be changed at any time. Within the share quota, the proportions of the choice of topics can be freely selected in 5% steps and changed at any time.

Additional services:
Mobile access, Robo advisor
Specialized asset types:
Equities, Bonds, Commodities