bob credit

  • Digital identification possible

General conditions:

Minimum age of 18, Swiss domicile, Swiss bank or post account. Customers can have up to 3 loans at the same time.

The interest rate may vary according to the customer's credit-wothiness.

Conditions for an interest rate of 5.9%: Minimum net salary of CHF 4500 per month. Swiss nationals or foreigners with residence permit C.

Existing personal loans with a residual debt amount of at least CHF 5000 must be transferred to bob credit.

Min. effective interest rate:
Max. effective interest rate:
Minimum amount of loan:
CHF 3000
Max. amount of loan:
CHF 80,000
Minimum duration:
6 months
Maximum duration:
120 months
Minimum age:
18 years
Maximum age:
64 years
Special services:
Early repayment
Type of loan:

New contracts, increases in existing credits, loan repayments.

Residence permit:

Swiss citizenship or foreigners with a valid permit B or C (resident in Switzerland for at least 12 months). Permit B not valid for interest rates below 8.9%.


Regular income and not under notice of resignation. Customers with temporary positions are accepted. No minimum income mandatory.


The last 3 wage slips and a copy of an ID (for example: passport, identity card).

General information:

bob credit is an offer from bob Finance, a business unit of Valora Schweiz AG. The loan is paid out to a desired private account. The loan can be applied for online. Up-to-date overview of your own credit in the «MyCockpit» online tool.