The term bundle or bundled offer, as used in marketing, denotes a collection of products or services which are sold as a single product.

In Switzerland, bundled offers are widely used in the telecom, insurance and banking sectors. In many cases, buying a bundled offer works out cheaper than buying the included products individually.

In addition to conventional bundled offers, many Swiss telecom service providers also offer products based on flexible modular systems. Customers can select the products or services which best suit their needs and combine these to create their own customized bundled offers. Some telecom offers (certain TV plans, for example) are only sold as part of bundled offers (in combination with a broadband plan, for example). Some telecom service providers sell bundled offers which include products from their entire range, including broadband Internet, television, landline and mobile plans.

In many cases, however, you can either save money or get more for your money by getting the most affordable plan for each product individually instead of buying bundled offers. If you value convenience over money, then bundled offers provide a convenient option because you only need to deal with a single service provider and typically pay just one bill which covers all bundled services.

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