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About the CFD calculator on

  • The CFD calculator on makes it easy to find the gains or losses of CFD investments based on rates, with or without accounting for interest on financing. It also shows the leverage ratio and the percentage of your margin used by the CFD position.
  • You can use the CFD stop loss and take profit calculator to find the optimal stop loss and take profit limits for a CFD investment. You can find more trading calculators here, or view all calculators here.
  • You can find the independent Swiss CFD broker comparison here.
  • Calculations are based on the assumption that spreads are already accounted for in rates, as is standard practice for online brokers.
  • The required margin denotes the minimum collateral required in order to open the investment position. Margin requirements may increase or decrease based on the performance of rates.
  • If you hold stock-based and index-based CFDs ahead of and during the ex-dividend dates of underlying shares, your account may be credited (in the case of long positions) or debited (in the case of short positions) to account for dividend distributions.
  • CFDs on individual stocks or stock indexes may incur financing interest. In the case of long positions, debit interest is charged by brokers. In the case of short positions, you may earn credit interest. Interest is not normally applied to investment positions which are opened and closed on the same trading day (intraday trading).
  • Separate CFDs must be opened for each individual underlying asset invested in (a single index, stock, currency pair, fine ounce of gold, oil barrel or pound of copper, for example). The size of an investment position is determined by the number of contracts multiplied by the value of points or (in the case of stock-based CFDs) by the stock price.
  • Results are calculated exactly and then rounded to the second decimal.
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