CFD Calculator: Stop Loss & Take Profit


About the stop loss and take profit CFD calculator on

  • The stop-loss and take profit calculator on helps you quickly and easily find the right stop loss and take profit limits for CFD investment positions. You can enter the maximum amount which you are willing to risk as an allowable loss to find the ideal stop loss limit for a CFD investment. You can also specify the minimum gain which you would be content with in order to find the ideal take-profit limit for a CFD investment.
  • You can use the general CFD calculator to calculate gains and losses based on rates. You can find more trading calculators here, or view all calculators here.
  • You can find the independent Swiss CFD broker comparison here.
  • Calculations are based on the assumption that spreads are already accounted for in rates, as is standard practice with online brokers.
  • Possible financing costs are accounted for. Positions which are opened and closed within the same trading day do not normally incur interest charges. In the case of leveraged long investment positions, traders are charged debit interest on financing by brokers. In the case of short investment positions, traders may be paid credit interest by brokers.
  • Separate CFDs must be opened for each individual underlying asset invested in (a single index, stock, currency pair, fine ounce of gold, oil barrel or pound of copper, for example). The size of an investment position is determined by the number of contracts multiplied by the value of points or (in the case of stock-based CFDs) by the stock price.
  • Calculations are based on the assumption that positions are closed at the exact stop-loss rate. However, there is no guarantee that positions will be closed at the stop-loss rate. When rates sink to the stop-loss limit, a market order is triggered and the sale is transacted at the best available offers – which may be lower or higher than the stop-loss limit.
  • The stop-loss and take-profit limits are calculated based on the allowable loss and acceptable gain which you specify and (when necessary) rounded to the seventh decimal. Additional results are calculated based on the rounded stop-loss and take-profit rates and additional information entered, and are rounded to the second decimal. 

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