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Clevercircles Robo Advisor

  • Digital asset management

  • An offer from the bank CIC

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General information:

With clevercircles, customers can invest from CHF 5000 with no minimum term. A global investment universe is available, consisting of 16 ETFs and index funds, each belonging to an asset class. The strategy can be regularly adjusted free of charge to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities. A dedicated investment committee can be created. Clevercircles is an offer of the Swiss bank CIC.

Good to know: With clevercircles, customers make the investment decisions, which is why the product is formally considered an advisory mandate.

Minimum investment amount:
CHF 5000
Type of service:
Investment advisory
General costs:

Flat rate 0.65% per year.
From CHF 100,000 0.55% per year.
From CHF 200,000 0.45% per year.
From CHF 500,000 0.35% per year.
From CHF 1 Mio. 0.25% per year.
Minimum CHF 40 per year.

The fee is always the same regardless of the investment strategy chosen.

Custody account management is free of charge.

The flat fee includes all deposits and withdrawals as well as transaction fees including brokerage fees. Low-cost ETFs are used as investment products.

Product fees:

Product fees (TER) are not included.

Transaction fees:

Transaction costs are included in the flat fee.


Only retrocession-free products are used.


Stamp taxes are not included in the flat-rate fee.

Minimal risk:

A number of strategies are available. 

Low risk:

A number of strategies are available.

Limited risk:

A number of strategies are available.

Balaned risk:

A number of strategies are available.

Substantial risk:

A number of strategies are available.

High risk:

A number of strategies are available.

Individual requests:

Currency hedging possible every 2 months, regular adjustment of the strategy, clients can compose their own advisory board.

Additional services:
Mobile access, Robo advisor
Specialized asset types:
Equities, Bonds, Commodities