Cornèrtrader Special Offer

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Cornèrtrader Special Offer

  • Digital offering of Cornèr Bank

  • Special fees only for users

  • Transfer costs covered up to CHF 1000

General information:

Special low fees for users of for a limited period. The usual fees apply for other customers. 

Since 2012 Cornèrtrader, part of Cornèr Bank and sister affiliate of Cornèrcard, has been a leading provider in online investments, with one of the most diversified and low cost offer on the Swiss market. 

Founded in 1952, Cornèr Bank is a family-owned bank based in Lugano, present with several branches in Ticino, Zurich, Geneve and an affiliate in Nassau. Along with the investments services of Cornèrtrader, it offers private banking, loans and other business solutions.

Cornèrtrader offers two different platforms: Invest (dedicated to investors) and FLEXibility (for investors, who prefer more diversification). The Invest platform has been designed specifically for investors. It offers investment themes, along with analysis and fundamentals on equities and mutual funds, all free of charge. 

Additional services: Free educational seminars, free research and fundamentals, mobile access supported by the major operating systems, equities and options strategy tools, detailed portfolio and account reports free of charge, multi-charts and technical analysis tool.

Account fee (inactivity fee): there are no account maintenance fees if you make at least one trade (open or close an investment position) in a quarter and/or your portfolio contains mutual funds or bonds. In case you are inactive during one of the quarters (no investment transactions of any size) and have no bonds or mutual funds in your portfolio, you will then be charged with a fee of CHF 10 plus VAT for each quarter of inactivity (max. CHF 40 per year). New accounts will not be impacted for the first 12 months. If you are a frequent or a more active investor, you can contact Cornèrtrader to verify if different conditions may apply in case you cannot invest every quarter.

Custody fees:

No custody fees are applied to a portfolio of equities. For mutual funds and bonds, the fees are between 0.15% per year and 0.12% per year. 

Cash interest rate:

Minimum amount for interest rates: CHF 10,000 (or equivalent value in the other currencies).
CHF: 0.6%.
EUR: 0.75%.
USD: 1%.

Swiss equities:

0.12%, minimum CHF 9. With total deposits of CHF 75,000 or greater: 0.1%, minimum CHF 8.
For frequent traders, there may be even more favourable tariffs in individual cases.

European equities:

European equities (XETRA): 0.12%, minimum EUR 10. With total deposits of CHF 75,000 or greater: 0.1%, minimum EUR 8.
For frequent traders, there may be even more favourable tariffs in individual cases.

US equities:

U.S. equities (NYSE etc.): USD 0.035 per share, minimum USD 10 per order. With total deposits of CHF 75,000 or greater: USD 0.02 per share, minimum USD 10 per order.
For frequent traders, there may be even more favourable tariffs in individual cases.


Swiss ETFs: Brokerage fees are identical to those used for Swiss equities. For frequent traders, there may be even more favourable tariffs in individual cases.


Over 5000 fully digital bonds offered. 0.2% fee, minimum of CHF 50. With total deposits of CHF 75,000 or higher: 0.1%, minimum of CHF 50.

Structured products:

Structured products are currently not offered online.


CFD categories: Indices (also as fractional), commodities, stocks, bonds, options, currencies (forex), ETFs.


More than 160 currency pairs, including major, minor and exotic currencies at spot, forward and as options.

Account currency:

Different currencies are possible.

Tax statement:

Digital account statements and portfolio reports are free of charge. The dedicated Swiss tax statement costs between CHF 100 and CHF 500 per statement.

Exchange fees:

On standard exchanges, no exchange fees are passed on. On exotic exchanges, exchange fees may be charged to the client in addition to the transaction costs ("brokerage fees") listed above.

Stock exchanges:
Australian Securities Exchange, Bolsa de Madrid, Borsa Italiana, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext Brussels, Euronext Lisbon, Euronext Paris, Helsinki Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Amex, Oslo Stock Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, Stockholm Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, Wiener Börse, Xetra
Order types:
Market order, Limit order, Stop order, Stop limit order, Trailing stop order, Trailing stop limit order, One cancels other order, If done order
Specialized services:
Alerts, Demo account, Business accounts, Free consultation, Free training seminars, Personal contact with client trading, Real-time quotes, Research, Telephone-based trading, Mobile access, iPhone App, iPad App, Android App
Specialized asset types:
Equities, Investment funds, Bonds, CFDs, Forex, ETCs, ETFs, ETNs, Futures, Options, Commodities, Crypto currencies, Bitcoin