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Varying Satisfaction with Swiss Credit Cards

April 16, 2024 - Benjamin Manz surveyed customer satisfaction with Swiss credit cards. Satisfaction varies between different aspects and credit cards. Credit card users are least satisfied with supplemental cardholder benefits.

A representative online survey by comparison service examined which credit cards and prepaid cards are used in Switzerland and how satisfied Swiss customers are with their credit cards. A total of 1500 residents of French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland between the ages of 18 and 74 years old took part in the survey.

Customers are least satisfied with cardholder benefits

Overall, customer satisfaction with Swiss credit cards is high. Across all criteria and cards combined, the average, rounded rating for Swiss credit cards is 8.1 out of 10 points. That translates into an “very good” rating. “A possible reason for the high customer satisfaction ratings is that problems with credit cards are relatively uncommon,” observes Benjamin Manz. “Additionally, many cardholders are oblivious to the high hidden fees.” Hidden fees include the often-unfavorable currency exchange rates for purchases in foreign currencies.

But customer satisfaction with individual aspects of credit cards varies. The friendliness of employees and mobile apps were both rated with 8 out of 10 points (very good), followed by helpfulness when problems or card loss occurs, and the clarity of information provided, both of which received 7.9 out of 10 points (good). Value for money received a rating of 7.8 points. Reward programs and supplemental cardholder benefits both received ratings of 7.4 points.

The credit cards with the highest customer satisfaction

The Cumulus credit card from Migros Bank took first place among conventional credit cards this year, with a general satisfaction rating of 8.3 points. It is followed closely by the Certo credit card from Cembra Money Bank, the Manor credit card from Viseca, Postfinance credit cards, and other credit cards from Migros Bank, all of which received 8.2 points (very good). Credit cards from Cornèrcard (8.1 points), Bonuscard (8.1 points), the Cashback credit cards from Swisscard (8 points), the Ikea credit cards from Cembra Money Bank (8 points) and credit cards from Raiffeisen (8 points).  

All customer satisfaction ratings can be found in the interactive credit card and prepaid card comparisons on

Table 1: Customer satisfaction with Swiss credit cards (maximum 10 points)

Card Points Rating
Migros Cumulus Visa (Migros Bank) 8.3 Very good
Certo Mastercard (Cembra) 8.2 Very good
Manor Mastercard (Viseca) 8.2 Very good
Migros Bank credit cards 8.2 Very good
Postfinance credit cards 8.2 Very good
Bonuscard / Libertycard credit cards 8.1 Very good
Cornèrcard credit cards 8.1 Very good
Cashback credit cards (Swisscard) 8.0 Very good
Ikea (Cembra) 8.0 Very good
Raiffeisen credit cards 8.0 Very good
Bank Cler credit cards 7.9 Good
Coop Supercard (Topcard) 7.9 Good
Cantonal bank credit cards (Viseca) 7.9 Good
American Express cards (Swisscard) 7.8 Good
Swiss Bankers: Travel, Life, Prime or Value 7.8 Good
UBS credit cards 7.7 Good
Cembra Money Bank credit cards 7.6 Good
Viseca credit cards 7.6 Good


You can find the detailed survey results in the separate PDF.

High customer satisfaction with Swiss neobank cards

In addition to conventional credit cards and prepaid cards, also survey customer satisfaction with payment cards from the best-known Swiss neobanks. It is important to note that these cards are generally debit cards, and not credit cards.

The results show that customer satisfaction is even higher for neobank cards than for credit cards. Yuh received an overall satisfaction rating of 8.7 out of 10 points. Neon received 8.5 points, and Zak received 8.3 points. All three neobanks qualify for the “very good” rating.

Table 2: Customer satisfaction with Swiss neobank cards

Card Points Rating
Yuh 8.7 Very good
Neon 8.5 Very good
Zak 8.3 Very good


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