Daily Interest Calculator


Useful information about the daily interest calculator on moneyland.ch:

  • The Swiss daily interest calculator lets you calculate both credit interest earned and debit interest owed based on the interest term and the interest calculation method used. You can use the calculator to find both the daily interest and the total amount of interest over the interest term. You can also find the sum of assets or debt plus applicable interest.
  • The calculator can be used to calculate exact credit interest earned on assets in private accounts, current accounts and savings accounts. It can also be used to calculate the exact debit interest owed on account overdrafts.
  • Similar calculators: General interest calculator (also accounts for ongoing deposits), savings calculator (savings term, deposit sizes and initial capital can be accounted for).
  • Negative interest rates can also be used for calculations.
  • Interest rates are calculated linearly, which means that no interest is added throughout the interest term. The calculator does not account for compounding interest.
  • The day count convention used dictates the number of days in the base year used for interest calculations. The German, European and French day count conventions use a 360-day year. The English day count convention uses a 365-day year. The effective day count convention, on the other hand uses the exact number of days in a calendar year (365 days or 366 days on leap year).
  • The numbers you enter are not rounded. Daily interest is rounded to the fifth decimal. All other results are rounded to the second decimal.

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