Data Bundle


A data package or data bundle is an optional, supplementary offer from a telecom service provider which can be added to a telecom plan or prepaid offer in exchange for a fee.

Data bundles entitle their buyers to access the Internet and transfer data, typically up to a certain limit of bytes transferred or for a limited time period.

Roaming data bundles entitle mobile device users to access data services at predefined rates while roaming.

Important: The data bundles offered by many telecom service providers expire at a certain date or after a limited time period. When this is the case, allowances which have not been used by the time data bundles expire are typically lost. Some mobile service providers offer data bundles which do not expire.

The data bundles offered by Swiss mobile service providers are accounted for in the mobile plan comparison. The comparison also clearly shows whether you could save money by using a specific data bundle based on your mobile data needs.

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