Delayed OASI Pension Calculator

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Useful information about the delayed OASI pension calculator on

  • The delayed OASI pension calculator makes it easy to find out how high your OASI will be if you delay retirement. The calculator also shows the life expectancy from which delaying retirement makes financial sense insofar as your OASI pension is concerned.
  • Your OASI pension can be delayed for between 12 and 60 months from the time you reach standard retirement age (65 years old for men, 64 years old for women). When you delay retirement, you receive a higher pension when you do eventually retire.
  • Important: No child, widower or widow pensions will be paid out during the delay. If you are married, delaying retirement can lead to your spouse’s pension being reduced in some cases.
  • You can find more information about marginal tax rates here.
  • Results are calculated exactly and then rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.
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