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Digitec Connect Mobile Plan Reviewed

July 17, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

From July 2019, Swiss online electronics retailer digitec is offering its own mobile plan. moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler analyzes the new digitec connect offer in this review.

Starting immediately, Migros subsidiary digitec is offering a mobile plan under the digitec connect brand. Although digitec connect uses the Sunrise mobile network, plans are provided and serviced by Digitec Galaxus AG and not by Sunrise. Phone bills can only be charged directly to a credit card. You do not receive a phone bill which you can pay by deposit or bank transfer.

3 gigabytes of data for 25 francs

The plan’s 25-Swiss-franc flat fee covers unlimited phone calls and SMS messages within Switzerland. The flat fee also includes 3 gigabytes of mobile data per month. Each additional gigabyte of data costs 6 francs, up to a cap of 49 francs per month (7 additional gigabytes of data).

Family option for up to 5 mobile plans

The Family + Friends option for digitec connect is worth mentioning. You can add up to 4 supplementary mobile plans to your base plan. With 2 plans, you get 4 gigabytes of mobile data per plan instead of the standard 3 gigabytes. With 3 plans, you get 5 gigabytes per plan. With 4 plans, you get 6 gigabytes per plan. With 5 plans, you get unlimited local mobile data. The flat fee for each supplementary plan is also 25 francs per month. The Family + Friends option is only available for people who share the same household.

1 gigabyte of roaming data included

Das digitec-Abo beinhaltet 1 GB Daten-Roaming in den EU-Ländern, der Türkei, USA und Kanada. Weitere Datenpakete kosten 14.90 Franken für ein Gigabyte in diesen Ländern. In Ländern wie Ägypten, Serbien, Südafrika oder Thailand kostet ein Datenpaket mit 100 MB Daten-Roaming 16 Franken. In den allermeisten Ländern kostet ein Datenpaket mit 100 MB Daten-Roaming hingegen 78 Franken.

The digitex plan includes 1 gigabyte of roaming data for EU members countries, Turkey, the United States and Canada. Additional data roaming bundles for these countries cost 14.90 francs per gigabyte. Data roaming bundles for countries like Egypt, Serbia, South Africa and Thailand cost 16 francs per 100 megabytes.

There is no activation fee for the digitec plan, which is unusual for a Swiss mobile plan. The terms and conditions are customer friendly: You can test the plan free of charge for the first month and you can terminate the contract immediately during that time. From the second month, a 1-month notice period applies.

Verdict by moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

The digitec plan is currently one of the most affordable options for mobile users who do not need more than 3 gigabytes of mobile data. But there are more affordable offers – particularly from Mucho Mobile.

For users who want unlimited local calls and Internet at a flat rate, the digitec plan is also one of the most affordable offers on the Swiss mobile service market. However, Sunrise has an even more affordable prepaid offer with unlimited calls and mobile data for a flat fee.

The family offer is also ineresting, and in many cases is the cheapest options for families or flatmates. The downside is that all bills for all supplementary contracts are charged to the primary contract holder.

Using the digitec connect plan for international calls and for mobile roaming outside of Switzerland is not recommendable. Unlike competing telecom plans, the digitec plan does not include free minutes for international calls or call roaming and you cannot add supplementary options for cheaper calls. At 1 franc per minute for roaming calls within Europe and 75 centimes per minute for international calls to European countries, the digitec connect plan is not competitive in these regards.

Data roaming with digitec connect is more attractive, but here too reservations exist. The per-gigabyte price of 14.90 francs for data roaming in most of Europe is not expensive. For heavy Internet users, however, there are competing offers which are more affordable: competitors offer 40-gigabyte data roaming bundles for 20 to 35 francs. Using digitec connect for data roaming in some European countries (Macedonia, for example) costs 160 francs per 1 gigabyte, and data roaming in most countries costs 780 francs per gigabyte. That is very expensive.

On the bright side, it is only possible to use data roaming if you either activate a data roaming bundle or have unused data roaming allowances. This makes it impossible for you to get hit with unexpected roaming bills.

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Expert Ralf Beyeler
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