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Emilia Legal Protection

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General information:

Worldwide coverage. The legal protection insurance is provided by the AXA-ARAG Legal Protection AG.

Insured persons:

Within the scope of individual insurance: the policyholder and children up to 18 years of age. Within the scope of household insurance: the policyholder and those persons who living permanently with him/her in the same household.

Coverage Switzerland:
CHF 600,000
Coverage Europe:
CHF 150,000
Coverage World:
CHF 150,000
Insurance rate (comments):

Stamp taxes of 5 percent included.

Personal legal protection - individual:
CHF 252.00
Motor legal protection - individual:
CHF 252.00
Personal & motor legal protection - individual:
CHF 252.00
Personal legal protection - family:
CHF 294.00
Motor legal protection - family:
CHF 294.00
Personal & motor legal protection - family:
CHF 294.00
Choice of legal representation:

Free choice of attorney. Necessary attorney's fees are covered.

Termination of contract:

The insurer can terminate the contract: up to 1 day before the end of the contract or insurance year. After every insured event for which a claim is payable.

Contract duration:

Minimum contract duration: 1 year. Without cancellation 1 day before the contract expires, the contract renews yearly.

Waiting period:

The insurance coverage will be granted if the legal case arose after a waiting period of 60 days after the commencement of the insurance. If you switch seamlessly from another legal expenses insurance policy, the waiting period does not apply.

Minimum amount in dispute:

No minimum amount in dispute.

Personal legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Criminal law, Insurance law, Tenancy law, Property law, Labor law, Contract law, Patient law, Neighbor law, Internet law, Real estate law
Personal legal protection (comments):

Coverage by Emilia Private Legal Protection. Also provides coverage for pre-existing disabilities and illnesses.

Driver legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Criminal law, Insurance law, Disqualification from driving, Recovery of driving licence, Vehicle contract law
Motor legal protection (comments):

Only in repeated cases, disputes in connection with drug or alcohol influence are not covered. All vehicles co-insured without the need to explicitly name them.

Legal protection advisory services:
Neighbor law, Marital law, Personal law, Family law, Inheritance law, Internet law, Public building law, Tax law
Legal protection advisory (comments):

Legal advisory by lawyers from Emilia. All areas of law are covered.

General coverage:
Lawyers' fees, Travel expenses, Court fees, Counterparty's fees, Mediation, Expert reports
Additional services:

Cost coverage for mediation. Various other areas of private law are covered.

Scope of services

Total scope
Personal legal protection
Motor legal protection
Scope of advisory services
Minimum amount in dispute
Waiting period
Choice of legal representation
Contract duration
Coverage Switzerland
Coverage Europe
Coverage World