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About the ETF Calculator on

  • The leading Swiss ETF and ETF cost calculator accounts for initial capital investments, investment terms (in years and months), regularity and timing of additional capital investments (in advance or arrears), capital growth, annual yield rates, annual administrative costs (TER) as a percentage, custodial fees, brokerage fees, and inflation (or deflation). The Swiss ETF calculator makes it easy to find overall ETF performance and annualized ETF performance with all costs accounted for.
  • Negative capital growth rates and yields can also be calculated.
  • The value of ETF shares increases or declines exponentially. This applies even when terms or portions of terms are shorter than one year. Applicable capital investments, costs and yields are accounted for in ETF value calculations.
  • Annual yield rates are accounted for in ETF share value calculations.
  • Administrative and custodial fees entered as a percentage are divided into portions (1/12 of annual fee) and deducted from ETF share value at the end of each month. If a capital investment is made at the end of a month, this is added to ETF share value before fees are deducted.
  • Custodial fees entered should include all external fees which are levied by the custodian bank which holds the ETF on your behalf. You can learn more about Swiss custodial fees here.
  • Brokerage fees entered should include all transaction fees charged by your securities broker. One-time brokerage fees normally apply when you buy and when you sell shares in an ETF. Brokerage fees vary between brokers. You can easily compare the fees charged by Swiss online brokers using the interactive online broker comparison on At Swiss brokers, the fee for buying ETF shares is always identical to the fee for selling ETF shares. Because of this, you only need to enter the brokerage fee once and will apply the fee to both the purchase and sale of the ETF.
  • No rounding is applied to figures entered. Results are rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.
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