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Broadband Internet Comparison User Profiles Defined

Additional bases used for calculations are explained here.
Use the broadband Internet plan comparison now.

The default profiles available in the broadband Internet comparison are based on various Internet requirements. You can also create a custom profile based on your specific Internet needs.

Internet user profiles

  • Low-speed Internet: 10 Mbps download speed. Non-symmetrical connection.
  • Mid-speed Internet: 50 Mbps download speed. Non-symmetrical connection.
  • High-speed Internet: 100 Mbps download speed. Non-symmetrical connection.
  • Ultra-high-speed Internet: 1000 Mbit/s download speed. Non-symmetrical connection.
  • Individual profile: You can select the minimum download speed in Mbps. You can also choose to include only symmetrical Internet connections (identical upload and download speeds). Important: The number of symmetrical broadband plans may be very limited.

Important: Across all profiles, the speed indicated by the profile is the minimum speed. Plans with data transfer speeds higher than those indicated by the selected profile will also be included in the comparison.

The comparison accounts for fixed broadband Internet only. If you would like to compare mobile Internet offers, you can do this using the mobile plan comparison.

In addition to selecting a profile for broadband Internet, you can also select profiles for possible TV and/or landline telephone plans.