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Bases of Calculations Used in the Internet, TV, Telephone and Bundle Telecom Plan Comparisons

Broadband Internet, television and landline telephone plans can be compared separately or combined. The bases used for calculations are identical across all three categories. The telecom services compared are fixed telecom services (a separate mobile plan comparison applies to mobile telecom services). The terms wireline, landline and home are often used in reference to fixed telecom services.

Calculations are based on complex algorithms and on the following assumptions:


  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Only plans which match all of the criteria specified by the user are included in the comparison. When many different criteria are specified, it is possible that no plans will match all criteria and no results will show in the comparison.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings are based on representative customer satisfaction surveys conducted by in collaboration with Swiss market research institutes.
  • The comparison shows the cost for the first year that you use a plan. The cost shown includes recurring fees and one-time costs.
  • The cost breakdowns (click on the plus symbols to view these) show additional details about a plan’s costs and features. Among other information, breakdowns show which telecom services (Internet, TV, landline telephone) are included in the plan, the basic monthly fee, one-time costs, possible discounts, monthly phone call costs (for landline telephones), costs for additional set-top boxes and possible cable connection fees.
  • Rounding differences may occur.
  • When several different versions of a plan are offered, only one version of the plan is included in the comparison. This may occur when a product is offered in several versions which have different connection technology or other features.
  • Connection-based versions: In address-based comparisons, the availability of different network types at the specified address determines which versions of plans are shown. If an optical fiber version of a product is available at the address, then the optical fiber version is used in the comparison. If the plan is available via coaxial cable but not via optical fiber, then the cable version is used. When neither of these options is available, the copper telephone line version is used.
  • Feature-based versions: The same plan may be offered in several versions. Versions may have different data transfer speeds (broadband plans), different number of TV channels or different TV functions (TV plans). If a plan is offered in different versions, the most affordable version (for the connection type shown) which matches all of your criteria is included in the comparison.

Address-based comparison:

  • When you select the address-based comparison option, uses APIs to retrieve information about the availability of plans and connection types (optical fiber, cable, telephone line) at the specified address. Only offers which (according to APIs) are available at the address are included in the comparison.
  • The comparison includes plans from numerous Swiss telecom service providers. Optical fiber: Swisscom, EWZ (Zurich), ftth fr (Fibourg), IWB (Basel), SIG (Geneva), EWB (Bern), Stadtwerk Winterthur, St.Galler Stadtwerke, ewl (Lucerne), LITEX, bafn (Baden), tifn (Chiasso), GA Weissenstein (Solothurn). Cable: UPC, Quickline, GGA Maur. Telephone line: Swisscom.
  • Due to lack of available information, it is possible that some cable-based plans which are available at the specified address may not appear in comparison results.
  • The API used is provided by Init7, which in turn obtains information via a number of other APIs. In some cases, retrieving address-based information can take some time. When the API is temporarily unavailable, comparison results only include plans which are offered countrywide.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to only include plans which are available throughout Switzerland. When this option is selected, only telecom service providers which operate throughout Switzerland are shown.

Home Internet:

  • Internet user profiles are defined here.
  • Only plans which match or exceed your specified minimum data transfer speeds appear in comparison results.
  • In the case of plans for which copper telephone connections are used, effective Internet speeds can vary from advertised Internet speeds. For address-based comparisons, shows effective Internet speeds in addition to advertised speeds.
  • When you use a custom profile, you can select a symmetrical Internet connection as a criterion. In a symmetrical connection, the upload and download data transfer speeds are identical.


  • TV user profiles are defined here.
  • Only TV plans which fulfill all of the selected criteria are shown in the comparison. When many different criteria are selected, it is possible for only a few results (or none at all) to appear in the comparison.


  • Landline telephone user profiles are defined here.
  • Information about landline phone calls and international phone calls applies to a one-month period.
  • Some Swiss landline telecom service providers offer optional bundles. These bundles are accounted for in comparisons.
  • The cost of making local phone calls can vary depending on which telecom networks are used. The comparison accounts for telecom network use based on the following assumptions. Swiss telephone line network: 40%. Swisscom mobile network: 36%. Sunrise mobile network: 12%. Salt mobile network: 12%.
  • The cost of international phone calls can also vary depending on which telecom networks are used. The comparison accounts for international telecom network use based on the following assumptions. Foreign telephone line network: 30%. Foreign mobile networks: 70%.
  • Some Swiss telecom service providers use both a standard and reduced rate. When this is the case, the following assumption is used to simplify comparisons: 60% of calls at standard rate. 40% of calls at reduced rate.

The comparison accounts for the interval-based billing schedules used for local and international phone calls by different telecom service providers. You can find more information about interval billing here.

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