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How Does the Credit Card Comparison Work?

The service of is completely free of charge and complies with modern security and data protection guidelines. The independence guarantee applies to all comparisons. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team

Finding the right credit card is easy! helps you find the right credit card in three easy steps. Compare credit cards now.

1. Enter your criteria.

  • Profile selection: Choose a profile which matches the way in which you use credit cards. User profiles are defined in detail here.
  • Current credit card: If you already have a Swiss credit card, select your credit card here. If you do not already have a Swiss credit card, you can leave this field empty.
  • Card network: Select your preferred payment network here. You can choose between Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club or all card networks.
  • Card type: Here you can select the category of card you are looking for. Choose between standard cards (also known as silver or classic cards), gold cards and platinum cards.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare costs: Once you have selected your criteria, click on “Continue to results” to compare credit cards. You can find the basis of the calculation here.
  • Filters: You can limit the comparison to only include cards which match specific criteria by selecting the filters of your choice. Important: Only cards which match all selected criteria combined will appear in the comparison.
  • Sort tool: You can sort the cards included in the comparison based on specific criteria including customer satisfaction, cardholder benefits and complimentary insurance coverage. When you select a sort option, cards are listed according to the scope of their benefits in relation to the selected sort option rather than by their costs.

3. Apply for a credit card.

  • Once you have found the right credit card for your needs, click on the “Apply now for free” button. You will be redirected to the issuer’s website from which you can apply online. This option is not available for all credit cards.
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Swisscard Cashback Cards Amex

  • No annual fees

  • Two cards Amex & Visa/Mastercard

  • With cash back

Free credit card

Migros Cumulus Visa

  • No annual fees

  • With Cumulus points

  • Without foreign currency fees

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