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How Are the Results of the Credit Card Comparison Calculated?

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Calculations are based on complex, issuer-specific algorithms designed by in addition to the following factors:

  • A guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Credit card user profiles are defined here.
  • Annual card fees: Differences in annual fees charges during the first year and subsequent years are accounted for, as are one-time fees.
  • Rewards programs: Cash back programs are accounted for when applicable. Fees and discounts based on turnover and transaction sizes are also accounted for. 
  • Turnover-based discounts (typically applicable to the following year): The comparison accounts for possible multiple-tier discounts based on card use. For example, a card’s annual fee may be reduced or waived if the card was used to make a certain amount of spending during the previous year. In some cases, cardholders can choose between annual fee waiver and other rewards. If a card allows for the possibility of annual fee waiver based on card use, this is accounted for in the comparison.  
  • In the case of cash back credit cards, costs may be listed as negative depending on credit card use. This means that the cash back you earn is higher than the costs of using the card, so you make a “profit”.
  • International purchases and foreign transaction fees: Administrative fees for purchases and cash advances in foreign currencies are accounted for.
  • Cash advances: Fees for making withdrawals at out-of-network ATMs both in Switzerland and abroad are accounted for in the comparison.
  • Currency conversion charges EUR to CHF: The spread between the rates you get and the interbank rate at the posting date poses another cost. Because rates change daily, actual costs may vary slightly from those shown. Results shown are based on CHF credit cards, even if a card is available in EUR. Using a EUR card to pay for EUR purchases will result in lower costs.
  • Costs shown apply to personal credit cards and not to business credit card users.
  • The costs are rounded to the nearest five centimes.
  • Ratings reflect the range of services offered and not the quality of services provided.
  • Customer satisfaction report based on a survey by market research institute Ipsos commissioned by
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