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How Are the Life Insurance Comparison Results Calculated?

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The calculations are based on algorithms from and the following assumptions:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • The annual premiums of each individual life insurance product are calculated by the comparison tool.
  • Total combined costs are clearly shown in the cost breakdown. 
  • The comparison only includes death benefit coverage. Some insurers provide additional life insurance products which provide savings benefits or annuities.
  • Comparison results only include policies which match all selected criteria including insurance terms, age, smoker/non-smoker, insurance sum and insurance type. If no available policies match your criteria, no results will be shown.
    Example: Policies with a decreasing benefit are not offered by all insurers and if you select that option, only policies which include that option will be included in results. Selecting additional criteria filters results further. If no policies matching your criteria are available, the comparison result list may be blank.
  • For policies with the option of premium waivers in the case of loss of income: The comparison calculates a waiting period of 3 months.
  • Comparison results are based on annual premium billing.
  • Small differences due to rounding may occur.