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How the Mobile Plan Comparison Works

The service of is completely free of charge and complies with modern security and data protection guidelines. The independence guarantee applies to all comparisons. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team

Finding the right mobile plan does not have to be difficult! helps you quickly and easily find the right mobile plan or prepaid offer for your needs. How to use the mobile plan comparison:

1. Select the profiles which match your phone habits.

  • Local phone calls: How often do you make phone calls to other Swiss phone numbers?
  • Local mobile data: How much mobile data do you use locally in Switzerland?
  • Local SMS: How many SMS messages do you send to other Swiss phone numbers?
  • International phone calls: How often do you make international phone calls to numbers outside of Switzerland?
  • Roaming internationally: How often do you make calls or use data while traveling outside of Switzerland?
  • You can find detailed descriptions of the selectable profiles here. You can also select the custom options to customize your profile.
  • Show youth plans: Would you like special offers for young adults to be included in the comparison?
  • Phone purchase plans: Would you like to include the costs of mobile phone purchase plans in the comparison?

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare rates: Compare the costs of mobile plans and prepaid offers. You can find the basis for calculations here.
  • Compare criteria: You can limit results to offers which meet your criteria using filters provided.
  • Options and supplementary offers: The options used for calculations are shown in the detailed breakdowns corresponding to each mobile plan or prepaid offer (click on the plus symbol next to the cost calculation).
  • Sort: You can sort the offers shown based on their costs, network quality and various customer satisfaction criteria.

3. Sign up for the offer of your choice.

  • Click on the «Get Offer» button to sign up for the mobile plan or prepaid offer which best suits your needs.