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What Is the Basis for Calculations Used in the Mobile Plan Comparison?

Calculations are based on complex algorithms from and on the following assumptions and specifications:

  • The guarantee of independence applies.
  • The mobile user profiles used for simplified comparisons are defined here.
  • The mobile plan comparison makes it easy to find out which plan is best suited to your mobile phone use.
  • Calculations of local mobile phone use in Switzerland are based on a 1-month period. For roaming calculations, you can enter the length of your stay abroad in by selecting the custom option. Calculations made using the standard roaming user profiles provided are based on a 14-day period.
  • Calculations are based on the assumption that data use, phone calls and SMS messaging are evenly distributed over the calculation period.
  • The result page lists the calculated costs on a 1-year basis. Annual costs are equivalent to 12 monthly costs. Calculations are based on a 30-day month and a 360-day year.
  • Additional details about the costs of individual mobile plans can be found in the cost breakdown on the results page (click on the plus symbol). This detailed information includes possible one-time costs, basic monthly fees, one-time credits, one-time and recurring discounts, costs of local use per month, costs of international calls per month and roaming costs per year.
  • When the term “option” is used in the mobile plan comparison, it refers to a supplementary offer which can be added to plans. These include data-only options (mobile data bundles), call-only options (phone calls) and mixed data and call options. The options used for calculations are shown in the detailed breakdowns (click on the plus symbol next to the cost calculation).
  • The options offered by different service providers vary with regards to their validity periods. Depending on the option, terms vary between one day and one month. Some options never expire, or their terms are extended automatically. The mobile plan comparison accounts for the validity periods of options. Make sure to get informed about the exact validity periods and conditions of options before you buy them.
  • The options offered by a service provider are not always compatible with all of the mobile plans and prepaid offers from that service provider. The mobile plan comparison accounts for the compatibility and combinability of options and plans, and the compatibility of options with other options.
  • Some options have limitations on the number of times you can buy them within a given period of time. The mobile plan comparison accounts for these limitations.
  • The cost of making local calls can vary depending on which phone network you call. Calculations of the costs of phone calls to Swiss phone numbers are made based on this model: Swisscom landlines: 14%, Swisscom mobile numbers: 35%, Sunrise landlines: 2%, Sunrise mobile numbers: 12.5%, Salt mobile numbers: 12.5%, UPC landlines: 4%, calls to numbers in the same network as you: 20%.
  • The mobile plan comparison accounts for different billing models (per-minute or per-second, for example) for each product and service provider – for both local and international communication. You can find more information about billing models here.
  • The basis for roaming calculations is explained in detail here.
  • Rounding differences may occur.
  • Customer satisfaction ratings are based on representative surveys conducted by in collaboration with market research institute GfK Switzerland.