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How Are Online Trading Comparison Results Calculated?

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Results are based on complex algorithms developed by and also account for:

  • The independence guarantee applies.
  • User profiles are defined here.
  • Fees and charges including account maintenance fees, custody fees plus VAT, brokerage fees and government duties (stamp tax).
  • Possible external stock exchange fees are not factored into comparison results because these are exchange specific (fees levied by standard stock exchanges are typically equal to between one-twentieth and one-fifth of the Swiss federal turnover tax, and are therefore relatively low).
  • Figures used apply to online services only and do not apply to phone-based transactions.
  • No partial executions.
  • Swiss ETF: Third-party offers only. No in-house products included.
  • The costs shown apply to private customers. However, costs for business customers are often identical as long as transactions remain beneath certain thresholds.
  • Costs used in the comparison apply to Swiss customers. Costs of trading for non-residents may vary at some brokers.
  • All cost figures are rounded to the nearest five centimes.
  • U.S. securities: Trades are transacted in USD. Traded on NASDAQ or NYSE.
  • Swiss securities: Transactions in CHF. Traded on SIX.
  • European securities: Transactions in EUR. Traded on XETRA.
  • Simplified currency conversion (irrelevant to the ranking of comparison results):
    EUR to CHF: 1.0.
    USD to CHF: 0.9.
    Rates used by individual brokers may vary. Currency bid and ask price differences (spreads) present an additional trading cost.