Pet Insurance Profiles Explained

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When you select “show best option” the comparison automatically calculates the optimal deductible and coverage model for each individual pet insurance policy based on you estimated future veterinary expenses (medicines, operations, consultation, treatment).

Default profiles for simplified comparisons:

  • Average medical costs: You expect to spend around 750 Swiss francs per year on veterinary expenses.
  • High medical costs: You expect to spend around 1400 francs per year on veterinary expenses.
  • Very high medical costs: You expect to spend around 5000 francs per year on veterinary expenses.
  • Low medical costs: You expect to spend around 250 francs per year on veterinary expenses.

If you want to perform an exact comparison, just select the “individual amount” option and enter your exact annual veterinary expense estimate. If you want to find the models which work out most affordable when you do not claim any insurance benefits, simply enter a zero into this field.

The default profiles which can be used in the pet insurance comparison are based on various veterinary expenses which are typically covered by pet insurance. These include veterinary consultation fees, veterinary diagnosis and therapies, medicines, surgical interventions and operations (setting of broken bones, for example), treatment of chronical illnesses, and emergency medical transportation.

Veterinary costs vary depending on the kind of pet. Veterinary treatment for cats is generally cheaper than veterinary treatment for dogs.

Examples of average veterinary charges (exact fees vary between veterinary practices):

  • Routine veterinary examination: 150 francs (cat), 250 francs (dog).
  • Blood test: 500 francs (cat or dog).
  • Medicines for a chronic illness per year: from 300 francs (cat), 400 francs (dog).
  • Operation for broken leg: 2000 francs (cat), 3000 francs (dog).
  • Internal organ damage caused by swallowing a foreign object: 1000 to 2500 francs (cat or dog).

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