How does the pillar 3a comparison tool work?

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Finding the right 3a retirement savings account can be easy! helps you to find the right pillar 3 savings vehicle for your needs. Go to the 3a retirement account comparison now.

1. Enter the required information.

  • Do you have a pension fund? Select whether or not you are enrolled in an occupational pension fund (pillar 2).
  • How much would you like to pay in every year (CHF)? Enter the amount which you would like to deposit every year. If you are not enrolled in a pension fund, you can deposit up to 20 percent of your annual income, up to a maximum of CHF 34,128. If you have a pension fund, you can deposit up to CHF 6826 per year (2019 limits).
  • Existing pillar 3a savings (CHF): Enter the amount of savings which you already hold in 3a retirement accounts.
  • Date of birth and year of account maturity: Select your date of birth and the year in which you expect to close your account. The earliest age at which 3a assets may be withdrawn is 59 years old for women and 60 years old for men.
  • Providers with locations in: If you are looking for a 3a account provider with branch offices in a specific canton, you can select the canton here. Only accounts which match your cantonal requirements are included in results.
  • Your current pillar 3a account: If you already have a 3a retirement account, select your account here. The savings potential of accounts will be calculated in comparison to your existing pillar 3a account.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare savings potential. Compare pillar 3a offers based on potential savings (higher interest rates). Potential savings are calculated in comparison to your existing pillar 3a account or – if you do not have one – in comparison to the 3a account with the lowest interest rate.
  • Compare possible costs. You can find possible fees and charges on the product information page (click on the “info” link on results) or by clicking on the plus symbol (+) on listed offers. Basis of calculation.
  • Request free quotes: Click on the “Free quote” buttons corresponding to the offers for which you would like to request free quotes.

3. Complete quote request forms.

  • Fill out the free quote request form and click on the “send now” button. You will receive a free quote promptly.

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