How Are the Results of the Private Account Comparison Calculated?

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Results are calculated based on complex, issuer-specific algorithms designed by in addition to the following factors:

  • A guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Account user profiles are explained in detail here.
  • The field “Costs minus interest rates” can also be negative if the interest earned surpasses the costs of maintaining an account.
  • Interest calculations account for compound interest earned on the average account balance and accounts for possible variations in interest rates based on the account balance.
  • The comparison assumes that all transactions are performed online whenever possible. Costs may be higher than those shown if transaction are performed in other ways. Unless you select the “Online banking only” criteria, offline fees are used when calculating account administration fees and the cost of bank statements.
  • If you do not select the “Online banking only” criteria, the costs shown will include the cost of being posted 12 paper statements annually – where these costs are charged.
  • One-time account opening and closing fees are accounted for in the total cost of accounts.
  • When banks do not provide a Maestro or V-Pay card, the cost of using a third-party card is added. For example, the cost of using a Travel Cash Card for card transactions outside of Switzerland is added to the cost of PostFinance accounts.
  • Costs of SEPA transfers: If transfers cannot be made using SEPA, the cost of alternative payment methods in EUR is calculated.
  • Cost of non-SEPA transfers: Transaction costs vary depending on the country, currency and the size of the transfer being made. The cost-sharing model (SHA) is used to calculate costs.
  • Withdrawals: Fees for withdrawing money at out-of-network ATMs in Switzerland and abroad are accounted for in the comparison.
  • Costs shown apply to individuals and not to business accounts.
  • The costs shown in the comparison apply to Swiss residents. If you live outside of Switzerland, you may pay additional fees.
  • If the costs of maintaining your account during the first year are different to those in subsequent years, the ongoing costs are used in the comparison.
  • Costs are rounded to the second decimal.

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