How Does the Private Account Comparison Work?

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Finding the right private account can be easy! helps you find the right private account in three simple steps. Compare private accounts now.

1. Provide basic information.

  • Average account balance: Enter your anticipated average account balance here.
  • Profile selection: Choose a user profile which best describes the way you bank. The “Individual profile” option lets you customize your profile to match your banking needs. Find a detailed guide to the default values used for each profile here.
  • Educational status and year of birth: Select your year of birth and, if you are a student, select the “Are you currently studying?” check-box. Certain bank accounts are only available to people in specific age-groups, such as young adults or seniors.
  • Providers with locations in: If you want to limit results to banks which have branch offices in your canton, select a canton here.
  • Existing private account: If you already have a private account, select your account here. The comparison calculates the savings potential of other accounts in relation to the costs of your current account.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare potential savings: Results listed can easily be compared based on their savings potential in relation to the account you currently use. If you do not list an existing account, the savings potential of accounts is calculated in comparison to the most expensive account. Savings potential is made up of total costs minus interest earned. More information on the basis of calculations is available here.
  • Request free quotes: Klick on the “Free quote” buttons corresponding to the accounts which you would like to apply for. You may not be able to apply for free quotes for all private accounts directly via

3. Complete quote request form.

Fill out the quote request form and click on the “send now” button. Your quote should arrive shortly afterward.

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