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How Does the Rental Deposit Insurance Comparison Work?

The service of is completely free of charge and complies with modern security and data protection guidelines. The independence guarantee applies to all comparisons. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team

Finding the right rental deposit insurance can be easy! helps you find the right rental deposit insurance in three simple steps. Compare rental deposit insurance policies now.

1. Enter basic information

  • Monthly rent: Enter your monthly home rental payment in CHF.
  • Rental deposit guarantee: Enter the amount which your landlord requires you to deposit as a security in Swiss francs (CHF). The deposit may not legally exceed the equivalent of three monthly rental payments.
  • Date of issue: Enter the date at which your policy term will begin. This is needed in order to calculate the exact annual premiums of certain policies.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare premiums: Compare rental deposit insurance policies based on potential savings across the entire insurance term. Note that premiums charged during the first year may differ from those charged during subsequent years. You can find the bases of calculations used here.
  • Compare criteria: You can filter results by selecting specific criteria including required notice-periods and languages spoken by insurance representatives.
  • Apply for free quotes: Click on the quote button of offers which interest you.

3. Complete request forms.

  • Enter your contact information in the secure request form. Your free offer will be sent to you promptly.