How Are Savings Account Comparison Results Calculated?

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Calculations are based on complex, issuer-specific algorithms and the following factors:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Compounding interest is calculated based on your initial deposit and additional deposits. Calculations are based on deposits being made in advance at the beginning of the year.
  • If accounts use differing interest rates (interest rate tiers) for the first, second, third and fourth year (and subsequent years), these are accounted for when calculating interest and compound interest.
  • Interest rate limits: Where interest rates differ based on the amount of savings held in an account, these are accounted for in the comparison. Some account providers use a range of interest rates for different amounts of savings.
  • Interest rates can vary based on the currency used for an account (CHF, USD, EUR). Differences in interest rates are accounted for in the comparison.
  • Where interest rates vary based on the age of the account holder, these variations are taken into account.
  • Final amounts and savings potential are rounded to the second decimal.

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