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How Are the Results of the Travel Insurance Comparison Calculated?

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The calculations are based on algorithms from and the following assumptions:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Cost are calculated individually for each policy and account for premiums, stamp duties, possible discounts and possible membership fees across the entire insurance term. Individual costs are clearly shown in the cost breakdowns corresponding to individual policies.
  • Only annual insurance policies are included in the comparison. Some insurers also issue policies on a per-trip basis.
  • The comparison only includes insurance policies which match your criteria. These may include travel legal insurance, travel health insurance or roadside assistance coverage. In some cases, policies may include additional coverage at no additional cost. Example: Your criteria include trip cancellation coverage, trip interruption coverage and roadside assistance coverage. A policy which provides those benefits may also include travel legal expenses coverage at no additional cost.
  • Membership fees: Some policies are only available to members of certain clubs or associations (such as motor clubs). In this case, membership fees are added to the total cost of a policy.
  • Discounts: Age-based discounts (such as youth discounts) are automatically accounted for in results. Multiple-policy discounts are also accounted for, although they are not shown individually.
  • Premiums shown on the results page include 5 percent stamp duties.
  • Rounding differences may occur.
  • The unbiased ratings of services and coverage provided by policies are based on the range of services and coverage available and do not indicate the quality of services and coverage provided.
  • The overall rating is calculated based on the weighted averages of services and coverage, rounded to the nearest 0.5 points. Services analyzed and rated include: amount of coverage for trip cancellation costs for individuals, coverage for trip cancellation costs for families, coverage for rescue operation costs, range of hazards covered by trip cancellation insurance, range of trip cancellations benefits, range of hazards covered by trip interruption coverage, range of trip interruption benefits, range of supplementary trip interruption benefits, coverage for lodging and everyday needs, coverage for trip interruptions and trip replacement, roadside assistance coverage, legal expense coverage, health insurance coverage (medical expenses outside of Switzerland).