How Does the Travel Insurance Comparison Work?

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Finding the right travel insurance can be easy! helps you find the right travel insurance for your needs in three easy steps. Compare travel insurance policies now. Compare travel insurance premiums and services now.

1. Enter basic information.

  • Insured persons: Choose between insurance policies for individuals (yourself, for example) and policies for families or households (more than one person).
  • Type of insurance: Choose between trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance or a combination of both. Multiple-policy discounts normally apply when you take out combined trip interruption/cancellation policies. Trip cancellation insurance covers trip cancellations resulting from certain hazards ahead of your trip. Trip interruption insurance covers the cost of cancellations resulting from certain hazards during your trip.
  • Additional insurance: Supplemental travel insurance coverage may include roadside assistance coverage, health insurance coverage for medical expenses outside of Switzerland and travel legal expenses insurance. You can select multiple supplementary coverages, although these are usually only available as riders in combination with a trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance policy.
  • Year of birth: Select your year of birth so that can factor age-based discounts into comparison results.
  • My current insurance: If you already hold a travel insurance policy, you can select your existing policy here. When you select an existing policy, calculates the saving potential of other policies in relation to the cost of your current insurance.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare costs: Find the costs of travel insurance policies based on premiums, stamp taxes and possible term-based discounts. The savings potential of policies is calculated in comparison to the most expensive offer or, if you already have insurance, to the costs of your current policy. You can find the basis of calculation here.
  • Compare coverage: Comparison results can be filtered and sorted based on their coverage, services and covered hazards. The comparison also provides unbiased ratings of the scope of services and coverages provided.
  • Request free quotes: Click on the “Free quote” buttons corresponding to policies to request free quotes.

3. Complete your free quote application

  • Enter your contact information in the secure form and click on the “send now” button to complete your quote request. A free quote will be sent to you promptly.

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