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TV Plan Comparison User Profiles Defined

Additional bases used for comparison calculations are defined here.
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The default profiles available in the TV plan comparison are based on various TV user habits and needs. You can specify additional criteria like TV channel bundles, TV time shifting and other features.

Important: Only plans which match all of your criteria are included in the comparison. The more criteria are applied, the fewer plans appear in the comparison.

TV channels

  • You can choose between a number of profiles specifying the resolution you want. HD resolution: Basic TV channels. HD resolution: Many TV channels. SD resolution: Basic TV channels. SD resolution: Many TV channels.
  • The selected profile determines the minimum resolution for channels included in TV plans. For example, when you select a profile with SD resolution, plans with HD resolution are still included in the comparison. But when you select a profile with HD resolution, plans with SD resolution are excluded from the comparison.
  • Basic TV channels means channels which are most widely viewed in Switzerland. Plans which include at least 100 TV channels in either SD or HD (depending on the profile) are categorized as having many TV channels.

TV time shifting

  • You can add criteria related to TV time shifting functions.
  • TV recording function: You can select the number of hours of TV recording capacity you need. Recording capacity is calculated based on HD resolution video.
  • Replay TV: If you want replay TV, you can select the best fit here.
  • Live TV pause: Select this option if you want a live TV pause function.

More TV functions

  • Here you can select other criteria for the TV plan comparison. Only plans which match these criteria are included in the comparison.
  • Device compatibility: Here you can specify devices which the TV plan must be compatible with. For example, you can specify if you want the plan to be accessible directly on your TV without a set-top box, via a smartphone, or via a third-party console (like Apple TV).
  • Video on demand: Select this option if you want a TV plan that lets you watch videos on demand.
  • Number of set-top boxes: If you want more than one set-top box, you can specify how many you want here.

In addition to TV plan profiles, you can also select profiles for possible Internet and landline telephone plans.

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