FIRE is the abbreviated form of financial independence retire early. The term denotes a personal finance philosophy which places a strong emphasis on modest living in favor of saving and investment.

The aim of a FIRE personal finance strategy is to achieve financial independence – a point at which the returns on capital investments are sufficient to cover your expenses without reducing your capital (see also: Perpetual annuities explained). Theoretically, this is achieved by radical expense reduction, accelerated saving, and careful investment of savings.

The perpetual annuity calculator lets you calculate how much capital you would need to own in order to achieve a perpetual annuity of your choice based on the rate at which you earn interest or returns on capital investments.

The millionaire calculator on makes it easy to find out how long it will take you to save 1 million Swiss francs based on your current savings, the amount you expect to save every year, and the interest or return rate on your capital investments. also provides useful guides and comparison tools which can help you reduce the cost of living in Switzerland.

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