Forum Rules Forum: Rules

In order to facilitate communication and interaction between users, has established a set of clear rules which apply to forums.

Etiquette: Please behave appropriately in the forums. reserves the right to remove unlawful, offensive, insulting, discriminating or racist text, comments, user names or images. also reserves the right to disable your user profile if deemed necessary.

Images and user rights: As a forum user, you can upload profile photos and images as part of a post. You must hold full legal rights to any images you upload to By uploading images to, you explicitly agree to the display of your images in the forum.

Text and user rights: Forum users should contribute original text which is their own intellectual property. By posting text on you explicitly agree to allow other forum users to quote your text using the forum quotation function. Avoid entering text from third-party sources (websites, for example). If you do use third-party text, the source of the text must be correctly cited to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of the author.

Publishing a post: By publishing text or images in the forum, you explicitly agree to its publication and replication by reserves the right to make changes to texts for the purpose of grammatical corrections. Requests by forum users to delete text which they have published will be considered by However, reserves the right to display any published text for an unlimited amount of time and to delete published text at its own discretion.

Language: Communicate clearly using understandable and grammatically correct language. Incomprehensible text, including text written in languages or dialects other than the standard language of the forum, may be deleted by When creating new forum topics, choose titles which clearly communicate the forum topic so that other forum users can easily recognize the forum’s theme. Please check your posts and comments for grammatical correctness and clarity before publishing them. If your post contains grammatical errors, it may be amended by in order to correct these errors.

Choosing a forum and topic: A broad number of financial topics are already covered by existing forums. Before creating a new thread, please review existing topics to see whether or not a forum on that thread already exists. Duplicate topics and posts should be avoided whenever possible. When threads are exact or near duplicates of existing threads, they may be altered, removed or deleted by at its own discretion.

Advertisements, endorsements and spam: As a forum user, you are forbidden from publishing endorsements and advertisements on the forum. Publishing links to commercial or irrelevant content is prohibited. Posts which are designated by to be advertisements, endorsements or spam may be deleted by at its own discretion. The user profiles of users who post advertisements, endorsements or spam may be disabled by at its own discretion.

User questions: Questions submitted to by email may be published anonymously on the forum for the benefit of users. By submitting a question to by email, you agree to allow to publish the question on the forum. All personal information is excluded from posting and the question is published under a standard anonymous user profile.

Languages and translations: hosts German, French and English online forums. reserves the right to accurately translate questions posted in a forum into other relevant languages and to post these translations in its other forums. All personal information is excluded from translated posts and these are posted using a standard, anonymous user profile. By publishing text on the forum or by sending questions to by email, you agree to the translation of the text and the publishing of the translated text on forums.