Are there any reliable credit repair and debt repair services in Switzerland?

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Hi Moneyland team,

Are there any debt repair services in Switzerland that are not scams? Which would you recommend?

Thank you for your help here.

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Unfortunately, there are many debt-related service providers which make promises which they cannot deliver on. The main problem with debt repair services is that they are very expensive.

Another problem is that irreputable debt repair services, such as many of those found online, may charge money in advance and never deliver on promised services. Never make payments for services which have not yet been delivered.

The fact that many of the pseudo service providers found online operate from outside Switzerland and only run a Swiss website makes taking legal action against them almost impossible. Always find out which company and individuals are behind a debt repair service.

Ideally, you should stick to reliable Swiss debt consultation services. Many of these are run by cantonal governments and have a clear understanding of Swiss law. You can find a list of Swiss debt consultation offices here (in German).

Best regards from Moneyguru

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