Bank to deposit gold bullions and have a credit card

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I have old gold bullions, more than 1 century old, which have no refiner stamp or series stamp.

I want to deposit them in a Swiss bank and use a credit card to withdraw their equivalent in EUR over the years.

Which banks in Switzerland allow me to do this?

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The closest thing to what you are looking for is a Lombard loan. In this setup, you deposit precious metal, life insurance policies, stock certificates, etc. at a bank. The bank then holds the securities as collateral and gives you a line of credit. The line of credit is variable and changes along with the value of the collateral. The loan is open-ended, so as long as you pay interest you can pay back part, all or none as suits you.

So you can deposit your bullion as collateral for a Lombard loan, and then use the line of credit you get with the Lombard loan in place of a credit card.

You pay interest on Lombard loans. You might also be charged custodian fees for the gold you keep at the bank. So the whole setup is not free of charge.

You can get your gold bullion appraised by the bank. Swiss law is pretty picky about the authenticity of gold. I don't know if a bank would accept your bullion is unmarked and doesn't meet good delivery standards. What you want to avoid is having to sell your bullion way below market value and then buy good delivery gold at a premium, but the best thing to do is check with the bank.

I know Isle of Man Bullion used to issue a credit card secured by gold bullion in their vaults. There are also gold-backed cards/accounts which have linked cards. Glint Pay is one example. But there's no option for depositing bullion. It's just a precious metal account.