Benefits of leasing cars in Switzerland

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What are the benefits of leasing a car in Switzerland?

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There are numerous disadvantages associated with leasing a car, including the obligation to take out expensive fully comprehensive insurance and the penalty fees charged when you terminate the lease ahead of schedule.

Possible benefits of leasing include:

1. The ability to afford the car you want even when you do not have savings. However, getting a personal loan is usually a cheaper option.

2. There is a better chance of people with less-then-excellent creditworthiness being accepted for a lease than a personal loan because creditworthiness checks are less stringent. However, leasing a car when you dare not in a good place financially is not recommended.

3. If you are not concerned about costs and are after convenience, car leasing may work for you because many car dealers offer simple service and convenient trade-in options when you use their leasing service. If you want to get the car off your hands (if you leave the country, for example), you can simply return it and pay the penalty fees rather than putting in the effort to sell it. However, the added convenience comes at a high price.

Leases provide an additional source of revenue for dealers and other lease brokers, so it is not surprising that these merchants work hard to sell car buyers on the idea of leasing. However, leasing is almost always the most expensive way to obtain the use a car.

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