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  • BenutzernameMoneyland User Questions
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Which Swiss credit card gives the highest cash back? Best for flatrate cash back? Best cash back in spending categories? Thanks

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von
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Hi there,

You can easily find the credit cards which deliver the highest cash back using the unbiased credit card comparison. Just select "Cash-back" under "Reward programs" to limit results to credit card which let you earn cash back.

Best regards from Moneyguru

  • Benutzernamethetownclownsa
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Since the Swisscard Cashback American Express seems to be the most profitable Swiss cash back credit card right now, I was wondering if anyone has a list of stores/services/etc. which accept it.

  • Benutzernameeasyrider
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You can pay anywhere which takes American Express, which is probably tens of thousands of stores, etc. But here are a few to get you started:

  • Coop (and most stores in the Coop group)
  • Migros (and most Migros group stores)
  • Denner
  • Yallo (for paying phone bills online)
  • SBB (ticket offices and vending machines)

I think a more sensible approach is to list stores where I was not able to pay with American Express:

  • Lidl
  • A few Burger King restaurants (though they're the exception)
  • .....aside from that it has only been the odd cafe, kebab place or Turkish supermarket. Also small online shops.

On the whole, I find American Express is pretty widely usable in Switzerland. I can use the Cashback card for most of my spending with credit cards. In Germany it's big as well. In France it's a hit and miss (mostly miss), and in Spain it was barely usable. But I use the Transferwise card for travel, so no big issue. The cash back you get with the Swisscard doesn't cover the foreign transaction fee, so it isn't worth it.