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Dear forum,

What is the best available current account loan? How can a company get such a loan?

Any input welcome

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Here are a few examples of current accounts at major Swiss banks:

UBS: Commission on overdrafts: 0.25% (minimum 5 francs) per quarter in addition to interest charge.

Migros Bank: Minimum loan: 25,000 Swiss francs. Maximum loan: Loans cannot exceed the value of your collateral or your credit limit. Commission: 0.25% or 250-franc annual flat fee for small businesses.

Postfinance: Lines of credit start at 20,000 francs. Commission: 0.25% per quarter (from 100,000 francs).

Bank Coop: Commission of 0.25% per quarter.

Appenzeller Kantonalbank: Commission of 0.25% per quarter. Interest rates between 4-5% without collateral, 3-4% with collateral.

WIR Bank: Commission of 0.125% per quarter. Interest rate of 0.5% to 2.5%. The highest rate applies when no collateral is provided.

Verdict: Commissions for current account loans are similar across most Swiss banks (typically 0.25% per quarter). The effective interest rates vary and are not usually shown online, making it difficult to compare them without visiting a bank or getting a quote. Interest rates vary between banks, so you should compare these before settling on an account.

Best regards from Moneyguru

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